I just wanted to drop you a note and says thanks to you and your fine staff at MWC for all of your excellent work.

I look forward to receiving my MWC in the mail every month and I get so much valuable information from each issue.

We have a small family operation in northeast Arkansas and MWC has really helped us keep up on all the latest information in the cattle business.  Jerry Crownover always gets me and my wife laughing as I think we can see a little too much of ourselves in his insightful columns.

Best Wishes,

Randy Weatherdon
Pocahontas Arkansas and Jupiter Florida.


“Make sure my subscription doesn’t expire...There’s two things I read, the Bible, and the Midwest Cattleman!”

James Needham
Paragould, AR


“Got your sample copy - I’d like to get a subscription. I get several other magazines, but there’s more information in your magazine that’s useful to me.”

Jim Holt
Harris, MO


After receiving a sample issue: “Are all of your issues like this one? I read that sucker all the way through and some articles twice. Can I get a subscription with a credit card?”

Delbert W. Bell
Paris, IL


Just wanted to Thank You for your article that so many people have responded to. God has given you a great gift and you are using it very well. Thank You very much for making this old cowman feel special. You might tell your publisher that you do have a very good subscription base in this
area. My phone and email communication has been covered up for days from readers, as well as cattle friends. Thanks A LOT Brenda and may GOD bless you even more.

Ron Speer
Speer Red Angus
Beaver, OK